Family Fun Park
Family Friendly Fun
So Much Fun!

Miniature Golf with cascading waterfalls and streams that turn ordinary golf into a water adventure. Play for relaxing fun.

Go-Kart's banked track gives an ultimate driving experience. Thrill to the exhilirating speed of being at the wheel. You can decide how fast or slowly you want to go on our curvy track.

Bumper Boat rides open a kamikaze challenge for the open water. Take on the challenge in your gas powered, large tube boat!

Batting Cages provide little league and softball practice. Fun for all ages, the picthing machines, in a closed-in netted area give a good challenge to your reflexes and dexterity. 

Bankshot Basketball will try your skill at getting your ball through the hoop from 18 different bankshot backboards. This challenging game, is easily wheelchair accessible and a very fun challenge for everyone!

Family Fun Park is a great place to bring your youth group or birthday party! We have picnic benches, clean restrooms, and friendly staff to make your outing amazing.

Birthday and Group events should call in at least a week in advance to receive the group rate pricing listed. For birthday events,  the Birthday Celebrator will get a free game of Mini-Golf.

Group & Family Fun!