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Bankshot Basketball is a game of skill and challenge for players of all ages, sizes, and abilities. It is a combination of mini-golf, basketball and billiards; pure shooting fun! Its a great game to play alone, in pairs, or groups.


Bankshot Rules


  • Don't shoot directly at the basket- all shots must be banked.
  • All shots must strike the Bankboard™ areas indicated.
  • Shoot from the closest circle first then from middle circle and last from farthest circle.
  • Two practice shots are allowed on the first hole, none are allowed for the rest of the game.




  • Take two tries at each circle
  • Properly banked shots earn points.
  • Blue circle is 1 point, Yellow circle is 2 points, and Red circle is 3 points.
  • After shooting twice from the Red circle move to the next station.
  • The maximum points you can earn at each station between stations 1 and 16 is twelve. Stations 17 and 18 earn double and have a maximum of twenty-four points. The maximum points in the game is 240.


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